In Office 3d Scan

In-office three-dimensional  CAT SCAN imaging is quick, easy, and cost effective


At Dr. Novo's, patient care is the number one priority, that is why we utilize state-of the-art technology!  We are proud to provide the I-CAT Cone Beam 3-D Dental SCAN Imaging System and the recently added Carestream CS 9000 System, for evaluation of  smaller areas. These state-of-the-art digital  systems provide the most  detailed 3d views  possible, while delivering the lowest x-ray doses in their class.

The i-CAT's Cone Beam 3-D  Imaging System provides high-definition, digital Cone Beam type CAT SCANS at reduced cost with less radiation than that of a traditional hospital CAT SCAN to the patient and a typical scan time of only 20 seconds with the patient seated in an open environment. The i-CAT's computer controlled software delivers quick & easy reconstruction of critical anatomical information typically in under 1 minute.

The I-CAT emits less than half the amount of radiation than that of earlier X-ray procedures while delivering high quality 3-D images of a patient's anatomy, providing the most complete view of a patient's mouth, face and jaw available.  The data is then transferred to a computer in a mere 20 seconds and displayed within a 3-D image for immediate dental analysis.

The I-CAT is especially beneficial for implant patients as it produces cross-sectional (sliced) views. This allows Dr. Novo to measure the exact dimension and bone quality with amazing precision, which is crucial in assuring an accurate and predictable surgery. And perhaps the most important benefit the I-CAT offers to our patients is absolute peace of mind in the knowledge that Dr. Novo has this powerful information at hand to make a proper diagnosis and treatment plan  matched to your special needs.